Believers stand ready to assist in riot-torn Haiti.

By March 16, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–Haiti’s ousted president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, is on his way back to the Caribbean.

Upon the news, riots erupted in the streets of Haiti.For Haiti With Love is preparing for the worst. Eva DeHart says their clinic has been inundated by people who have fallen victim to the senseless violence that erupted after Aristide announced his plans.

“They come in with all of these injuries. A lot of them are even above our capabilities at the clinic, because you’ve got fractured skulls and things that we just can’t deal with”, says DeHart, adding, “but, the Cap-Haitien Hospital can’t deal with them either, and they keep sending patients to us. So, we pray a lot and we do what we can.”

Don DeHart is flying home today. He intends on re-supplying and returning to Haiti immediately.

Prayer is a key part of ministry right now. “We really want people to know that the United States hasn’t sent any troops to the north. Port au Prince is the only place in the country that has any kind of help right now. Everything else is just totally without law and order, and plenty of guns.”

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