Believers working to prevent terrorism, one school at a time.

By September 22, 2006

Pakistan (MNN)–Pakistan’s security issues there are becoming more troublesome. Several governments are now warning of fresh threats of terrorist attacks in Pakistan, with militants likely to target Western hotels in the capital.

In light of that, when World Hope International’s Executive Director, Joanne Lyon found out a jihad training center just opened across the street from their boarding school in the Lahore area, her response echoed the director’s. “The director there is very concerned. One night Madrasa school had tried to come over and kidnap some of the boys and take them there. This is something that we never dreamed would happen.”

The proximity to open hostility was unnerving. Team leaders considered their responses. “We could move the school. They found some land that they could move it on down. That’s very expensive and I don’t know that you could just keep on running.”

So they decided to stay put and stand tall in their faith in Christ. Lyon says because their team will not bow to intimidation and answers persecution softly, they’re making an impact for Christ.

That was brought home after a recent interaction. She says, “I had a principal from one of the Islamic schools say ‘we normally don’t like Americans and Christians, but we like you’. I think that says something about when they see the love of Christ in tangible form, it gives a whole new picture of how they’ve been programmed to think about Christians.”

The discussion confirmed her understanding of the situation. Lyon believes one of the greatest tools in preventing terrorism is access to education for children in the world’s poorest countries.

In most countries, WHI can build a school with $15,000 to $20,000. They’re now looking for people to come alongside their vision and give to their School Development Fund, to change individual lives and at the same time to work proactively against terrorism.

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