Beneath the bombings, churches are growing in Iraq

By July 18, 2005

Iraq (MNN)–We begin today in Iraq where insurgents are using violence to keep the country unstable.

Yet, there is a cautious optimism as Kurdish influence could keep the constitution from becoming strongly Islamic. In light of that, many Christians who fled the country have returned.

Open Doors’ Carl Moeller agrees, adding, “What they’re seeing is a new renaissance of the church in Iraq, both in northern and southern Iraq. We have coworkers that are working in both parts of the country.”

A hunger for peace seems to bring openness to the Gospel. Moeller explains, “Since the fall of Saddam Hussein, over 15 new evangelical congregations have started in Baghdad alone, and that’s a great deal of encouragement to us.”

As with the explosion of the church in China, the body of Christ in Iraq is changing. That means church leaders are facing similar problems.

Moeller says Open Doors is actively preventing heresy by offering resources and training conferences throughout the country. “The best we can do, and the best we can pray for is that as the church grows, we’re able to provide biblical resources for those new leaders of those congregations so that they can stay grounded in the Word of God and not develop heresies.”

Continue to pray for those on the frontlines of outreach.

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