Beslan anniversary ominous, but emphasizes need for the Gospel

By September 6, 2005

Russia (MNN) — While the world’s been focused on the hurricane in the United States, Russia was remembering 360 dead as terrorists attacked school number one, one year ago. 1,400 people gathered in the court-yard of the school for the annual first day of classes, a community wide celebration.

That’s when everything changed. Terrorists had been waiting and forced many of them into the gymnasium. After three days, 360 people were killed by explosions and gunfire.

MNN’s Greg Yoder attended the one-year anniversary. He says, “It (was) an eerie silence as we walked into the entrance of the Beslan school massacre and you look at the glass that’s blown out of many of the school buildings here.”

Yoder traveled there with Russian Ministries. They allowed him to participate in laying a wreath next to the school in memory of those who lost their lives that fateful day.

Russian Ministries Sergey Rakhuba says, “This place is just filled with that sorrow and devastation. And, when you see those crying mothers that are just sobbing, you know. You see that they still have no hope.”

Knowing many of the 360 died without Christ is why they’re reaching the young generation for Christ. Rakhuba says, “This youth center, as you see, it’s just been built. It, I know, will be filled with young people in Beslan with children. They will learn how to use a computer, how to learn other things. But, the most important thing they will learn about Jesus.”

From the very beginning Russian Ministries hired four specially trained Christian counselors to help the grieving families. Through it they’ve been able to share Christ with nearly 300 families.

Pray for funding. Money is need to help with on-going expenses for the youth center and also other programs targeting the young generation of believers in the region.

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