Bible College classes on schedule in India despite rocky start.

By June 23, 2006

India (MNN)–Despite a slow start, classes started on schedule last week at a Gospel for Asia Bible College in Rajasthan, India.

Three weeks ago, GFA staff were told they needed to find a new space for classes. The facility landlord was concerned for the safety of his family because of the open persecution of Christians.

Opposition against Christians has increased markedly in the past few months. It seems the spike coincides with a proposed anti-conversion bill which would make third-party complaints about Christian activity grounds for arrest and imprisonment. That bill is now before India’s president for review.

Given the backdrop, the landlord, fearing local anti-Christian sentiment, had asked the leaders and students to vacate. With little time left, and with increasing pressures to refuse occupancy to Christian groups, GFA staff were in a quandry.

But, a last-minute change of plans allowed GFA to remain. The landlord’s daughter had just gotten a good job and the family planned to relocate with her. Since the landlord knew the Bible college leaders and had watched their lives, he asked them to continue renting the facility in his absence.

Gospel for Asia’s 54 Bible colleges just began a new academic year, with more than 9,000 enrolled students.

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