Bible League distributes 25,000 Bibles in suffering Haiti

By December 23, 2004

Haiti (MNN) — Unrelenting violence, anarchy and natural disasters are forcing the people of Haiti to look to God for answers.

The Bible League’s Tim DeVries says, “People are looking to find answers. ‘Obviously it’s not in (us), obviously it can’t be found in some of our leaders. We need to find answers somewhere else to what is happening to us in our lives. And, that’s been key in people opening up their hearts to hearing what God has to say through His Word.”

DeVries says the Bible League is handing out Bibles to help answer these questions. However, DeVries says in order to receive a Bible they must agree to join a Bible study. He says, this year, a lot of people are joining their program. “80,000 people have been involved in Bible studies for the first time in their lives. And yet, there are many thousands (and) thousands more who can not. Just to give you the understanding of the great need for God’s Word in Haiti, nine out of 10 believers won’t even have a Bible.”

Financial support is the greatest need right now, says DeVries, “We can not keep up with Bibles and New Testaments as people are requesting (them).”

As part of their distribution program this year, the Bible League gave away 25,000 Bibles on December 12th, Bible Sunday. He says they need to do even more and the cost is reasonable. “For every four dollars you can put a Bible into someone’s hands and for about $1.50 a New Testament in to someone’s hands.”

If you’d like to help the Bible League place a Bible, go to or call 1 (866) TBL-INFO.

The Bible League ensures that anyone receiving a Bible will be part of a Bible study where many people either come to Christ or become more grounded in their faith. Pray that God will use this as a way to show Christ to even more people.

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