Bible Pathway asks prayer for spiritual poverty in England

By July 11, 2005

England (MNN) — Partners with Bible Pathway Ministries says spiritual poverty is evident throughout London, England in the wake of the bombs last week.

While many Christians are praying for those who have been plunged into mourning by the bomb blasts, an equal number are praying for spiritual reform. According to Come Alive leaders in London, of their greatest concerns is the number of victims on the trains who began praying to ‘other gods,’ rather than to the one true God. With pluralism so rampant, many aren’t even aware of the Saving Grace of Christ alone.

Reports indicate at least one church opened their doors for people to find comfort. It’s uncertain how many actually responded.

Premier Christian Radio was very active in support and keeping people up to date. They also had their ‘help-lines’ open to take calls.

Evangelical leaders are asking people to pray that pluralism will be defeated, as its allowed the accommodation of other ideas and ideologies which are contrary to God’s Word. Not only has it put people’s lives and security at risk, it’s now having an impact on their eternity.

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