Bible teams to reach out to children in Eastern Europe.

By August 12, 2004

Eastern Europe (MNN)–Many Eastern European countries still suffer economic, political, cultural and spiritual brokenness as a result of decades under Communism.

With the fall of the regime, many saw hard times. The most unfortunate victims are children, many of whom are orphaned, hospitalized, abandoned or neglected. Others are displaced by war or crisis, or restricted from hearing the gospel by religious, economic or political barriers.

In response, the International Bible Society announces plans to reach 42-thousand children with God’s Word. These are children who might otherwise never hear the Gospel in places like Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia.

It costs less than two dollars to give a Bible to a child in Eastern Europe. The materials are tailored for the needs of the area.

For example, in Kyrgyzstan, a primarily Muslim country, IBS will provide 3,000 My First Bibles with Kyrgyz, Russian and English text on each page.

In Romania teams will distribute 13,500 Romanian ‘Jesus–The Story of His Life, Gospels of Mark’ and 9,500 ‘God’s Big Story’ books to orphans.

In Serbia, there are plans in the works for distribution of 6,000 Serbian ‘My First Bibles’ to orphans and refugee children.

And, in Slovakia, IBS will give 5,000 Slovakian ‘Jesus–The Story of His Life, Gospels of Mark’ to orphans, and another 5,000 to children of prison inmates.

Pray for the teams as they begin evangelism and discipleship ministries as a result of this distribution.

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