Bible training classes in Bolivia see success.

By April 16, 2004

Bolivia (MNN)–Grace Ministries International says they’ve had a good start to the Training Center classes they’re doing in Bolivia.

Fifteen students are currently studying. GMI teams are encouraged by the involvement of the youth in their churches.

Four missionaries are working with the national church organization (24 churches) in the areas of evangelism and leadership training. Ministries to the youth are being provided through three schools (K-12) where 1,800 students receive a Christian education through a year-round camp program and through AWANA programs in the churches.

The national church has recently sent its first missionary couple to the Aymara Indians in the Altiplano.
Pray that through the classes, new leaders would be prepared for ministry and the local churches will be strengthened. Pray too, for open doors in a sister ministry to mothers and wives who need discipleship and teaching.

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