Bible translators hit hard by typhoons in the Philippines

By December 15, 2004

Philippine (MNN) — A huge operation is underway to provide food and other essentials to the thousands of people hit hard by this year’s typhoon season in the Philippines. In the last four typhoons alone, more than 1,800 people have been killed or are missing from the northern island of Luzon.

The storms haven’t only affected the general population, but missionaries.

Tom Headland is a member of Wycliffe Bible Translators and has been in contact with translators in the area hardest hit by the storms. He says these storms delay Bible translation work. “(It delays it) Sometimes weeks, sometimes months. (It) doesn’t stop it completely because they still try to work, but you’ve got to stop and rebuild your house. The people you’re living with, you can’t just ignore them doing Bible translation when they don’t have food to eat or a roof over their head. And so, every single time a typhoon occurs in this area it delays you.” On an average, 22 typhoons hit the Philippines each year.

Headland says evangelism is definitely impacted by the storms. “There (are) probably 30 language (projects) going on in Luzon Island. All of those areas are affected to one degree or another by every typhoon that comes through. Every time they come through they’re just one of these horrific delays. They cut off logistic support.”

There are currently about 60 Wycliffe members working in the region. And, the need for ‘typhoon-proof’ buildings is a great, but the cost is prohibitive. Funding is needed to help build these buildings. Go to, or call (407) 852-3600 if you’d like to contribute.

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