Bibles and Christian radio getting into Iraq

By July 1, 2005

Iraq (MNN) — United States President George W. Bush continues to stay the course on Iraq, pledging to pull out of the county as soon as the country’s security force is ready to do battle. As insurgents continue their assault on innocent Iraqis and others, Christians are waging a war of their own. Their war is a spiritual one, though.

Bible Pathway Ministries Ken Sharp says they’re assisting in that battle in different ways. “We’re continuing to do Arabic shortwave radio broadcasts into Iraq (and) by sending Arabic Bibles and Arabic Bible Pathways.”

While the car bombings, terrorist attacks and persecution against Christians have pushed many Iraqi Christians out of the country, Sharp says a remnant has stayed. “They are still there working even though it’s very persecuted. The materials that we’re sending in there, they are still going in and they are being used.” And, people are coming to Christ.

Prayer is needed, says Sharp, for finances to continue broadcasting into Iraq and other Middle Eastern nations, but also for Arabic Bibles. Sharp says it’s more expensive for these Bibles. “Arabic Bibles are often not cheap, they’re not easy to come across as English or some of the other languages. Some of them have run as much as $8 to $10 a piece, whereas we can get English Bibles for a buck or two, so there’s quite a bit of difference in price.”

Your gift of $10 can put an Arabic Bible into hands of an Iraqi. Pray that as they’re shipped across the board that they’ll be safe and reach their destination.

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