Bibles are needed for all school teachers in Uganda

By April 11, 2006

Uganda (MNN) — Civil war, Child soldiers, HIV/AIDS and utter poverty are just some of the issues facing the people of Uganda today. However, despite all of these problems and others, there is a bright spot.

President of the World Bible Translation Center Gary Bishop says, “The government of Uganda has mandated the teaching of what is their term, religious education. Bible reading and religious education are mandated as a part of school. One of the interesting aspects of that, though, is that a syllabus is out there that basically outlines what the teacher should be teaching, but they were never able to provide the text book, which in this case, was the Bible.”

World Bible Translation Center, with the permission of the ministry of education, would like to provide each teacher with God’s Word. Bishop says, “We need lots of help. This opportunity is probably a once in a life-time opportunity to get God’s Word in front of every school student in Uganda, private and public school students. We’re talking 283,000 Bibles.”

It’s costs just $4 per Bible to print and distribute the Bibles into Uganda. Bishop says this is a time sensitive project. “We don’t know how long it’ll be that we’ll be able to get God’s Word in the form of a Bible into the teachers’ hands and get that read before we have real competition through either the Koran or other religious writings.”

This could be an incredible opportunity for churches, small groups or civic groups. Bishop says getting the Bibles into the hands of teachers is vital for evangelistic outreach. “God promises us that His Word never comes back void. We’re not just talking about 283,000 teachers, but we’re talking about probably 100-times that when you think about how many students each day area actually impacted by the teachers presenting God’s Word.”

You can help World Bible Translation Center financially by going to their website and following the links. Your prayers can also help. Pray that many people will get involved and support this $1.2 million project. Pray also that God uses His Word to lead many Ugandans to Himself.

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