Bibles are providing comfort to troops in Iraq

By July 4, 2005

Iraq (MNN) — As the United States celebrates its Independence today, Americans owe their freedom to God and to those who gave the last full measure of devotion. As many Americans celebrate with parades, picnics, camping trips and other fun activities, American troops are still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The International Bible Society hasn’t forgotten about these men and women serving their country, says the President of IBS, Peter Bradley. IBS has distributed 350,000 Bibles. “They’re designed with a special camouflage cover and also the trim size is such that it just fits in their pocket of their cargo pants, which is very helpful for them. And, we’re hearing just a wonderful response from chaplains abroad about how our troops are so responding to the Gospel — baptisms, people accepting Jesus.”

IBS has distributed Scripture to U-S troops in every war since 1812.

Bradley says soldiers are in a unique position to think about Christ. “That old saying, ‘there are no atheists in on the front-line or in a fox hole’ I think is absolutely true. It’s just a joy to think that these military combat front-liners have a Scripture portion or a Bible in their pocket that they can refer to in times of need like that.”

Pray for the not only U-S troops, but other troops in the coalition. Pray that many will read God’s word at their time of need and come to Christ. Pray also that as they do, Christians will be near to help disciple them.

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