Bibles are the key to changing hearts/lives in Africa

By June 24, 2005

Tanzania (MNN) — HIV/AIDS is taking the lives of many around the world. This tragic disease is taking many people who don’t know Christ, leaving many orphan children around the world.

Bible Pathway Ministries is doing everything they can to help curb the spread of this disease and see souls saved before they’re lost for eternity. They’re doing it by providing Scripture. Bible Pathway’s Karen Hawkins says, “For over 30 years we’ve been giving Bibles free around the world. And, we get thousands of letters that say ‘I came to the Lord and I’m going out and doing street preaching. I got out into the villages. I’ve planted churches. I have 500 people who came to the Lord and now we need Bibles.'”

But, those aren’t the only people they help. Four girls recently traveled to an orphanage in Tanzania. “We supplied them with Bibles, children’s Bibles and then Bible Pathway.”

Since paper is a precious commodity and few have their own Bibles, it’s has incredible impact, says Hawkins. “You can imagine how excited they were when they received Bibles of their own and could actually have something like that.”

Many of these children have given their hearts to Christ and since many of them have AIDS, they’re ready for eternity.

This story could be repeated all over the world, but for two things. “There are two things we never have enough of, that’s Bibles to send and enough money to always send them. We send tons of Bibles and Bible teaching materials all over the world.”

$100 can place a Bible and Bible Pathway into the hands of 10 people, which is an evangelistic effort in its own right. “A person doesn’t keep it to themselves. We know from experience that each one is shared with at least 20 other people. So, we’re talking about one Bible literally can mean the difference between heaven and hell for who knows how many people.”

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