Biblical material being distributed in Cuba

By February 18, 2004

Cuba (MNN)—In spite of Fidel Castro;s regime, for close to four years the country of Cuba has allowed Book of Hope to bring biblical material into their country with the goal that it may be helpful for their young people.

They have met with officials in the area of education and health who think the material has a message of hope for young people. Each year Book of Hope is required to make a request to bring in the material.

The national church leaders have set up a system for distribution. They divide the country into sections and then give church leaders responsibilities to train national believers, mostly young people, to go door-to-door taking a census in which they ask about the young people of the household. They then present a gift to the children that is an age appropriate book.

There are three effective visits done with the families. Many time an entire household will read the biblical material and have questions. During the follow-up visits many often make decisions for Christ and become Christians. Neighborhood fellowship groups are formed, or house churches, where people gather for Bible studies.
Book of Hope requests prayer that the shipment of Bibles are received, that distribution goes smoothly and that area Christian are kept safe. There is always a need for funding for the project as well.

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