Biblical morality education is being accepted in public schools in Russia.

By October 6, 2003

Russia (MNN) — President Vladimir Putin says the country’s youth is one of the biggest concerns facing the country today. Sexual immorality, drugs and alcohol abuse and poor health care threaten that nation’s future.

At issue is the death rate that has been outpacing the birth rate. Statistics indicate that Russia’s population is decreasing by 1-million people every year.

According to Russian Ministries’ Sergey Rakhuba, God’s word is the answer to these problems. Rakhuba says evangelical churches are being mobilized. “We’re trying to mobilize all churches to reach out to young people,” says Rakhuba. He says, “(we want) all denominations to work more intensively with the young generation.” Rakhuba says Russian Ministries is using Biblical morality instruction as the basis for their outreach.

Rakhuba says they’re using Focus On the Family’s material. He says, “young people are very much interested. So, our people, they mobilize local churches who introduce the subject. The Department of Ministry of education of that region they asked us if we could provide enough curriculum that they would be able to have it used in the public schools.”

Rakhuba says if something isn’t done it will mean more than losing the next generation. “If Russia continues declining like that and does not address these issues like abortion, morality in the young generation, Russia could be simply wipe off the globe in 50 to 70 years,” says Rakhuba.

Funding is needed for this instruction because future church leaders is expected to come from this education. Rakhuba says, “we are refocusing our efforts to the younger generation of church leaders and transform them into a national missionary force.” He says they have a huge task ahead of them as many Bible schools are running on hard times.

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