Black History month in the U-S provides ministry opportunities

By February 25, 2004

USA (MNN) — February is Black History month in the United States. It’s a time to honor African Americans and their impact on American society. It’s also a time Christian organizations are using to share their impact on the spiritual impact on American culture.

American Missionary Fellowship’s Ed Henderson says they commissioned their first African American missionary in 1836. Henderson says Thomas H. Harding was that man. Henderson says as they attempt to reach into minority communities in the U-S they need key missionary recruits. “If we can recruit and commission (and) dispatch minority missionaries into those fields it makes it a lot easier,” says Henderson. He says, “So, we’re looking for young Afro-American males that have gone to Bible college that are interested in ministering here in America.”

Henderson says it important to find these recruits. “They’re very receptive when someone of their own nationality, or ethnic origin comes to them with the story, convincingly about what Christ can do for them in their lives.”

American Missionary Fellowship is just getting ready to launch their “learning community” program. That’s an effort to establish Bible studies all across the United States to eventually lead people to Christ. Henderson says the desire to see these programs establish in urban America is great, says Henderson. “We see resurgence. We see a turning toward Bible studies, toward the Gospel, and a great interest in missionary activities from the Afro-American church in America.”

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