Bombings in Indonesia put Christians on alert.

By May 31, 2004

Indonesia (MNN)–Indonesian police say events last week may be an attempt to spark another all-out religious war in Ambon.

According to media reports, three bombings in three days targeted the Christian sector and churches.

May 25th, a bomb exploded in the middle of the morning in a crowded market. The blast followed an explosion on Sunday in the mainly Christian village of Halong Baru which injured five people, and another in a Muslim area of the city the same day. Police say a second device discovered near a church was defused the same day.

Ambon is still recovering from an outbreak of Muslim-Christian violence which began last month. Nearly three dozen were killed and hundreds of homes and other religious buildings were torched.

Those involved with evangelistic work are now said to be keeping a low profile until the area settles down.

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