Bond rejected, Hopegivers staff still jailed in India

By March 8, 2006

India (MNN) — Threats continue against leadership of Hopegivers International and it’s now spread outside the northern State of Rajasthan. Radical Hindus have placed a $12,500 bounty on M-A and Samuel Thomas, who are underground in India.

They’re being threatened for publishing a comparative religions book that criticizes some of the Hindu gods. Hopegivers denies any connection to the book.

Two Hopegivers leaders have been in jail for nearly three weeks without any charges filed and bond has been rejected.

Meanwhile, Samuel Thomas reports that 200 militants including a few police officers have fanned out across the region to capture them. The mob has been targeting friends and family of the Thomas’ not just in Rajasthan, but other areas of the country seeking their arrest. It’s a well organized campaign by the radical Hindu parties. They claim the Thomas’ are inciting riots and other violent behavior, but not considering their own antics.

Hopegivers is raising money for a legal defense fund for those who have been arrested and those yet to be captured. They would also like to raise money to pay their bond.

Pray that these believers will stay strong and that Hopegivers will have opportunities to share their faith.

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