Book of Hope remembers 100 days of genocide in Rwanda

By November 18, 2005

Rwanda (MNN) — In April 1994 it only took 100 days to see nearly one-million people, over one-tenth of the population killed during Rwanda’s genocide. Those 100 days will be commemorated by Book of Hope International, but with a positive message. God’s Word.

Book of Hope’s Cal Ratz says the Book of Hope, which is a harmony of the Gospels for kids, is gearing up for a major initiative called 100 Days of Hope, which will coincide with the 100 days of genocide. Ratz says, “We are going to train 1,200 people in Rwanda, young people primarily, to go into the schools to distribute and put on a program, a dynamic program that explains the Gospel to just over 2 million students in schools.”

Ratz says they want to do that in 100 days, which is a huge undertaking. “It means, when you take into account the weekends and so on, we have to do a distribution in 40 schools a day. It’s an unbelievable task”

The training will begin in January. Ratz says the Book of Hope will see many turn to Christ. “The book is designed for people who don’t go to church and have no knowledge of the Gospel.” Pray that God would provide the right recruits and that they would learn quickly and be extremely effective in this outreach opportunity.

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