Book of Hope touches hearts in West Africa.

By August 9, 2004

Ghana (MNN)–It was a landmark celebration in Ghana, West Africa, that ended with over four thousand people coming to Christ.

Book of Hope teams distributed the 250 millionth Book to a student in the Ghanian schools.

As a result of that outreach, some schools have already adopted the Book of Hope for their moral education classes.

On the heels of that milestone, thought, the group has set their eyes on the goal ahead. BOH’s Bob Hoskins says they’ve set their sites on the half-billion mark. On top of that, Hoskins says they’re ready to launch the ‘Godman’ project. “We created an animated version of the ‘Book of Hope’ which powerfully tells the story of Jesus, and that’s going to be shown to illiterates around the world. It’s going to be shown to those people in inaccessible countries, like China. So, we need prayer that God will guide us, really, as we plan the distribution of the ‘Godman’.”

Hoskins says they are working with teams leaving almost every week to help with the ministry in 100 countries. “Most of the distribution is done by local believers that we train on how to reach children and young people. So, we need prayer for our leadership in those hundred nations around the world, that God would protect them from harm, and danger and evil.”

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