Book of Hope will flood North Ossetia, home of the Beslan tragedy

By January 26, 2005

Russia (MNN) — Families of victims of the Beslan school hostage massacre have suspended their blockade of a major highway in southern Russia. They did so only after being promised a meeting with a top aide to President Vladimir Putin. The protesters were demanding the resignation of the top official in the region for his poor handling of the crisis last fall.

Book of Hope’s Executive Director Rob Hoskins just returned from Beslan where he reports families are still devastated. “I was there in the cemetery with parents, and this was several months after the tragedy now. Still just weeping and wailing with seemingly no answers. And, to be with those people and talk to them about the loss of their kids, your heart cries out to them.”

Hoskins says the tragedy reminded him that children and adults die every day without knowing Christ. That’s when he made this commitment. “I made a commitment there in Beslan that day, that the Book of Hope would go every single town and village throughout all of Russia. So, in cooperation with Russian churches we’ve started “Project Beslan” which is the delivery of God’s Word to every single child and young person in the nation of Russia.”

The tragedy has unified the church and Russian leaders believe this is the time for evangelism and church planting and youth outreach is part of it. Hoskins says, “If they’re ready to go and hand out God’s Word to every child and young person in the nation, mainly through the school systems, which we have access to in most places, then we as the church here in the west want to provide them with the best possible Scriptures we can. So, we’re making a commitment of 32 million Books of Hope over the next five years to Russia.”

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