Boot camp takes on a whole different meaning with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

By June 29, 2005

USA (MNN)–Their mission is advancing the Gospel on college campuses. To that end, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship developed four ‘training centers.’

Intervarsity’s Dan Denk works at the Cedar Campus, located in northern Michigan.

It’s two secluded peninsulas along northern Lake Huron are located only 45 minutes from the majestic Mackinac Bridge and Mackinac Island. But, it’s far from a resort vacation.

Denk explains why training is needed. “They’re young leaders, and inexperienced. The staff members who work with them back on campus, come up with them to the camp and help provide this training for them and they need the training because the students are the ones who are the missionaries.”

Working from that perspective, the training camp isn’t such an unusual idea. In fact, Denk says next week, they launch a premiere training camp for those who are the emerging leaders on campus. It’s called ‘The School of Leadership Training.’

Denk says, rather than the typical weeklong training, this one is more intensive. “It’s a month-long camp. We’ll have about 120 students here from around the Great Lakes who are the prime leaders of their schools, and all of them are going to be going back to the campus in the fall, and will be playing an important part in bringing about the mission on campus.”

Throughout the course of the month, the young people learn about the charactersistics of leadership, which include, the Personal life of a leader, the Interpersonal life of a leader, the Skills of a leader, and the Mission of a leader.

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