Buckner-supported orphanages in Guatemala survive Stan.

By October 24, 2005

Guatemala (MNN)–When Guatemala recovered from the damage Hurricane Mitch left, Tropical Storm Stan appeared. The mudslide devastation and loss of life has traumatized the region.

Several Buckner-supported orphanages in Guatemala are in affected areas, but none of them sustained significant damage. But, with areas inaccessible, aid has been a problem.

Buckner short-term teams readied a disaster relief shipment for distribution as soon as possible. They sorted disaster relief aid with Buckner Guatemalan staff at the Buckner warehouse and packed boxes of humanitarian aid and clothing for delivery to the government office of the First Lady, Wendy de Berger.

Buckner also needs cash donations to help orphanages and their surrounding areas to buy food and supplies. Tiffany Taylor says the orphanages need help because the roads have been washed out and they can’t get their usual supplies.

Despite the chaotic scene in Guatemala, ministry trips that have been planned for the region will go on. Buckner officials said the BOCI Shoes for Orphan Souls Guatemalan mission trip scheduled for Oct. 29-Nov. 5 has not been cancelled.

The agency staff has asked for prayers for the team as they prepare to minister to the orphans with the love of Christ.

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