Building a new beginning in Malawi leads to new decisions for Christ.

By July 26, 2005

Malawi (MNN)–Malawi, known as the ‘warm heart of Africa,’ suffers from an epidemic that steals its young. Recent reports show that nearly 800,000 people are living with HIV/AIDS.

The orphan rate reflects that of the infection rate. In response, a Teen Mission’s team just finished work in Malawi, building an AIDS Orphan Rescue Unit.

AIDS Orphans and Street Children, in cooperation with Teen Missions International, is building and staffing 16 AIDS Orphans Rescue Units (ORU).

Each unit will be 8′ x 16′ and house two staff members. They will identify AIDS orphans and help them to survive by having on-site orphanages.

While out in the village, they had several opportunities to present the Gospel to the children. When word got out about the group of Americans in the area, people kept coming to hear what they had to say.

In all, 90 people came to Christ. Pray for good discipleship as the nationals face great hardship.

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