Busiest holiday for ATS, biggest potential for Gospel impact.

By October 3, 2006

USA (MNN) — The American Tract Society is gearing up for their busiest holiday outreach of the year: Halloween.

Instead of staying home with the lights off, ATS is challenging Christians to really light up the night for Christ. How? ATS is providing an alternative, through their special Halloween and harvest-themed tracts, for churches, businesses and especially individuals to reach out with the light of Christ.

ATS has had an overwhelming response to their first-ever glow in the dark tract, called “Light Up the Night.” They have a number of other timely tracts that kids will love.

Fern Knable with ATS says their online purchasing of tracts makes it easy to get ahold of some powerful tools to reach kids, “Believe it or not, more people spend more money on Halloween than any other holiday except Christmas. So we just want to offer people an opportunity to have things that children will really like when they come to door this year.”

“Much of the culture that will be participating in Halloween this year are non-believers, and so they are coming to the neighborhoods, to your street. And they’re going to be there. And if you will take that opportunity to open the door and to give them a tract, what we’ve found is that these tracts have incredible life.”

Kids take the tracts home, where the Gospel message impacts other family members. Knable says they hope to reach 4 million people this year. “We’re just praying that God is already preparing the hearts of children and their parents and their grandparents, for everyone who will be picking up these tracts and reading them…and we just feel like it’s a great opportunity we have, on one of the darkest nights of the year, that we can bring the light of Christ.”

Some special online resource sites for kids include: www.lightupthenight.org and www.ATSkids.com.

For more information on purchasing tracts, contact the American Tract Society. They recommend purchasing your tracts early, to be sure the tracts reach you in time for Halloween or your fall harvest events.

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