Business people needed to help take missions to next level

By March 11, 2004

International (MNN) — If you’re an entrepreneur at least one mission organization needs you. While nationals are increasingly doing their own evangelistic and church planting work, many national workers need help in becoming self sufficient.

The Bridge International’s RK Ulrich says this became clear to them a few years ago. She says, “Not only was it important that we get the Gospel to the nations and help the indigenous people take ownership of the Gospel, but it was also important that they eventually come to a place where they take ownership financially for the Gospel.”

However, economies in some country prevent this, and that’s why The Bridge needs Christian investors and business mentors to help national leaders start micro businesses. “We’re not only talking money here, we’re talking also talents,” says Ulrich. She says, “They see the resources in what is available to work, and knows how to people with resources to get growth.” That ultimately helps national believers sustain their own ministry by financing evangelism outreach, training and church construction.

Ulrich says this is a great way for some Christian business people to feel part of evangelism. “So often the businessman himself, he is never really given a significant place for his gifting within the church,” says Ulrich. She says, “Because he doesn’t necessarily sing in the choir, or preach as well, he’s sort of ignored. There are a lot of people who are burdened for missions, but they simply don’t know what to do.”

Pray that many business people will catch the burden for missions and invest in someone’s eternity.

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