Buy a Bible for a child in Africa.

By October 11, 2006

South Africa (MNN)–“What one textbook do these kids really need in their formation of their Christian values?”

Dale Dieleman, Worldwide Christian Schools’ field director for Africa, says that question sparked the ministry alliance behind the My Own Bible program for South Africa.

It’s a joint effort of Worldwide Christian Schools and the South African offices of The Bible League and the Association of Christian Schools International, is a campaign to put a Bible into the hands of every WCS child.

Students work their way through a Bible-based curriculum, learning how to use the Bible. Upon graduation, they get their own. “Oft times, this becomes the only Bible in the home, which is another really good ministry as far as having the children actually bring this Bible to the home and the whole family begins opening it up.”

Dieleman says Sunday schools, churches and elementary schools raise the funds through special projects. “Our role in the whole thing is to do the fundraising, to come up with the five dollars per Bible, which also includes the study material that the children go through with their course. It’s a consumable-type workbook that they go through and look up things in the Bible and then fill out the information.”

Within the first three months of My Own Bible’s inception, it raised enough money to provide 1,600 students with Bibles.

My Own Bible is an ongoing program, and any funds raised beyond the goal will immediately go toward next year’s campaign to reach 4,000 more children in 2007.

Go here to help buy a Bible for these children.

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