California wildfires leave damage but also hope in their wake

By October 30, 2007

USA (MNN) — Residents of fire-ravaged areas in
Southern California are returning to their homes after a week of uncertainty. 

The natural disaster provoked the biggest government
emergency mobilization since the 2005 hurricane that flooded New Orleans and
devastated the Gulf Coast.

According to state officials, the fires destroyed
some 2,000 homes and a half-million acres of public, residential and
agricultural land. Preliminary estimates put the financial toll well above $1
billion (USD), but officials think the final figure will likely be higher.

World Hope International's disaster relief volunteers
Greg and Jan Cantor are assessing the situation to assist WHI's volunteer
disaster response. Additionally, WHI
program manager for disaster relief Andrea Babin is in contact with federal and
local disaster relief agencies to clarify safety issues and potential areas of
greatest need.

The earlier danger posed by
the fires made volunteer disaster relief impossible. However, as fire
departments and authorities have been able to capitalize on a break in the
weather, they've been able to bring the fires under control.

WHI will continue to assess
the need for response and determine actions for volunteers wishing to help. Pray that the volunteers will be the hands and
feet of Christ.

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