Call boys in Zambia want to evangelize and plant a church

By October 21, 2005

Zambia (MNN) — The “call boys” of Zambia are young men who stand at bus stops helping load people into buses. Society views them as lower than prostitutes. But, Christian World Outreach says these young people are now committing their lives to Jesus and are making incredible outreach decisions.

CWO’s Greg Yoder says it all started two years ago with an invitation to dinner and befriending these young men, which grow into a Bible study. “Many of them became Christians and then it became a discipleship group with the young men. These are brand new Christians that knew nothing of what Christ had done for them.”

According to Yoder, their spiritual growth is evident by the decisions they’re making. “They now are saying, ‘we want to do ministry.’ And, they’ve actually started to have an outreach to street kids. They have suggested taking a child into their home and mentor them and teach them the Bible stories.”

They’re also sharing the Gospel at bus stops where they work and want to do more to tell people about Christ. “They’ve said this. It’s not like us trying to push them out of the nest. They want to share Christ with others. It’s something too good to hold on to. They want to give it to others.”

However, the young men are only hindered by lack of education and resources. Funding is needed for both to help them so they can communicate the Gospel more clearly to those they’re trying to reach. They also need Bibles, tracts and other resources to help in their outreach.

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