Calm in DRC allowing ministry to expand

By May 4, 2004

DR Congo (MNN) — More security and more peace is helping Christians in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The African nation has been plagued by rebel violence that has destabilized the country for years.

Karen Lewis is the Relief Coordinator for Africa Inland Mission. Lewis says, “As the days have been going on, there does seem to be more security and more peace, more reconciliation efforts. So I have been able to, even within the last month, to get into places that I have not been able to get into before.”

Lewis says they’re now able to help the internally displaced people. She says that’s a hug problem. “The problem is, is that when they get back home they find that other people have been living in their houses and people will have to move.” AIM is assisting in this effort, helping this to transition smoothly.

However, the church has been stepping up to help these internally displaced people. Lewis says, “There’s a lot more people coming to church and relying on God and of course living by faith is tested to the extreme. One thing that I’ve really been impressed by is the response of the local church there in reaching out to people and providing for their needs and seeing them as an outreach ministry.” Lewis says churches are growing because of that.

Christians are being asked to help with this outreach. Lewis says, “AIM does have a Congo crisis and relief fund that people can give to.” The money is being used to put roofs on churches, repairing health centers and schools, and distributing Bibles. All of it’s being done to lead people to Christ.

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