Car bomb explodes near SAT-7 studios

By December 14, 2005

Lebanon (MNN) — A massive car bomb exploded near a Christian satellite network studio in Lebanon, killing four people including Lebanese Member of Parliament and Christian journalist Gebran Tueni.

SAT-7’s David Harder is in the Middle East. “We have a studio in Beirut with about 25 employees there. As some were on their way to work and some had already begun their day, a huge explosion went off about 1,000 yards from the studio. It shook it. People inside were very concerned.”

While none of their staff was injured in the blast, there was a near-miss, says Harder. “One of our staff members, a video editor, was just 10 yards away. His car was covered in glass. But, it’s really shocked our whole staff and it’s been a really difficult year in Lebanon.”

Other bombings, assassinations, and a change in government have all hit the country hard in the last nine months.

Many wonder if SAT-7 was the target of the bombing, but Harder says, “No, we don’t believe it was any kind of attack against SAT-7 in any way. It just happened to be in the same area and there have been many bombs around there. It’s (a) predominately Christian part of Lebanon and that’s where a lot of the bombings have been going off lately.”

As emotions run high, SAT-7, Christian satellite television for the Middle East and North Africa, is making a difference in people’s lives. “It is an opportunity for people to talk about why they have peace. They may be upset. Their temporary peace may be unsettled, but they know that their future permanent peace is secure — that they will be with Jesus in eternity. So, it certainly provides for an opportunity to share with those who are upset,” Harder says.

The bombing hasn’t disrupted their production schedule, but it has had an impact on their emotions. The staff knew two men that were killed in the explosion. Pray that God will protect the staff and that many people will seek peace on SAT-7 television.

Funding is needed for their network that runs Christian programming 24 hours a day.

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