Cargo funds needed to get help where it needs to go in Haiti.

By June 21, 2006

Haiti (MNN)–About 75 percent of Haiti’s population lives in utter poverty. That means food supplies are hard to come by for a majority of the population.

For over two decades, For Haiti With Love has been working to meet both the physical and spiritual needs. For Haiti’s Eva Dehart says they just got a years’ supply of baby formula and food packets.

The formula was a godsend, after an earlier problem dried up supplies. DeHart says she also got word that they had a donation of a years’ supply of food packets.

Those are especially valuable for those just coming on the food program who are very malnourished and need an extra vitamin and nutritional boost.

Now, she says, the issue is getting the food off the docks in Florida. “By the time we pay ground and sea transportation on those, we’re usually talking very close to seven or eight thousand dollars in transportation costs to get the food in place for distribution.”

People respond to the Gospel as they see others helping make life better for the poorest of the poor in Northern Haiti. “People know that everything that For Haiti With Love does is gifts to them from the Lord to show them that He cares about what happens to them after they die.”

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