Change is on the wind for Kenya.

By July 19, 2005

Kenya (MNN)–Kenya is facing some changes with a new Constitution in the works.

Religious freedom has not typically been a problem, although there are some concerns that modifications in a draft headed for referendum may affect choice.

Even so, E3 Partners Dana Crawford says Kenyans are choosing Christ by the hundreds. “We were in the Eldoret area. We helped with the national churches there and we came alongside them and helped plant three new churches, and we saw 547 professions of faith.”

Kenya is one part of the Africa Quest campaign aimed at equipping disciples, evangelizing the lost and establishing churches.

The E3 team is made up of EvangeCube, and Global Missions Fellowship, all ministries of Global Partners.

Their goal: to spend the next three years building up the body of Christ in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

Crawford says with so much activity, the need now is for discipleship. Evangecube teams stood ready to assist the local church there, too. “We start doing fellowship and Bible study and discipleship of those new believers right there that very day, and that’ll work completely through the week while we’re there.”

But there must be relationship created in this critical stage of a new believer’s faith. That, too, was looked after, Crawford says. “It’ll be picked up on by the local pastor and the local churches and carried through to the extent of 24 particular lessons that we help them get prepared for their people.”

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