Changes in the Philippine adoption practices help a ministry.

By October 10, 2006

Philippines (MNN)–There have been changes in international adoption regulations in the Philippines.

Bethany Christian Services’ Joy DeKan says changes in the Inter Country Adoption Board led to a close partnership in the Philippines.

The board is in close contact with Bethany and continues to send referrals. However, there are new requirements for Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs).

Last month, the Inter Country Adoption Board reported that they will not process dossiers that indicate a gender preference. They encourage PAPs not to be more than 45 years old.

Families who may not meet the country’s age requirements may still adopt Filipino children who are on Bethany’s Children of Promise list. Many of these older children live in orphanages and have developmental delays and challenges.

In spite of change, DeKan marvels in direcly answered prayer. “For 17 years, I’ve been praying for more children to come out of the Philippines and join Christian families. And now, little by little, I’m really experiencing His promises.”

16 children have either joined their ‘forever’ families or are being processed. That’s a record amount of growth for a program that used to see just six children coming through a year.

Bringing the hope of Christ to another family–it’s what DeKan says keeps her going. “For me, it’s one at a time. One foster family, one child and one parent bringing the children, after a long, long anguished time, to give up their children to a Christian orphanage. For me, that is the impact–one at a time.”

DeKan says they’re trying to get the children home in time for them to join their families for Christmas. If you’d like more information on Bethany’s work in the Philippines, click here.

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