Charges Outlined Against Christian in Saudi Arabia

By September 30, 2004

Saudi Arabia (MNN) — For several months, The Voice of the Martyrs, Canada has been following the case of Indian Christian Brian O’Connor, arrested on March 25. Last week, details of the charges against him were presented at a hearing in Riyadh. O’Connor has been formally charged with possession of alcohol, the sale of alcohol, possession of pornographic videos and preaching Christianity and the possession of Bibles.

According to a September 21 report from Middle East Concern, the videos in question are primarily English programs recorded from a Christian satellite channel for his personal use. There was no pornographic content. The Bibles in his possession were brought when he came to Saudi Arabia and were used for Bible study. Even O’Connor’s employer has stated that the allegations that he had sold alcohol were a fabrication by the religious police.

While no date has yet been set for the next hearing, the judge has said that the muttawa (religious police) would be present and both sides would be questioned.

Pray that O’Connor’s trial will be fair and unbiased. Pray that he will be strong as he remains in prison in Saudi Arabia. Pray for Christians in Saudi Arabia, which the U.S State Department also listed as one of the world’s worst religious liberty violators in their 2003 report.

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