Christian Aid group prepares to assist in the Middle East

By July 28, 2006

Lebanon/Syria (MNN) — Israel pummeled south Lebanon with air and artillery strikes, but opted against launching a major invasion in pursuit of Hezbollah guerrillas.
Hezbollah fired 48 rockets into northern Israel. In Lebanon, bodies lay in the streets in some isolated border villages, where the fighting has trapped terrified civilians.

The violence has forced more than 700,000 people from their homes and have set up camps in Lebanon and Syria, says the President of International Aid Myles Fish. “We’re particularly concern about the displaced persons and the refugees that are flowing into Syria. We’re in the process right now of examining how it is that International Aid is able to help them as they’re in temporary facilities.”

Initially, IA is sending 5,000 hygiene kits along with other basic medical supplies. Fish says, “Our first objective, of course, is to try to take care of the human needs that are present, but our strategy is to do that through Christians, who then can also share their faith in Christ. Some of your listeners might be surprised to know that there is a large Christian population in Lebanon.”

While this is yet another unanticipated project, Myles says Christians will make this project successful. “The resources have expanded as the need has expanded. If, two years ago, if you’d have asked me if we could have done what we’ve done in the last two years and predicted that, I would have said, ‘absolutely not, there’s no way.’ So, we give the Lord the credit for that. He’s blessed us in tremendous ways.”

I-A is stepping out on faith that the Lord will use you to help supply the need. Click on the link below to get connected.

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