Christian aid workers muster convoy to Darfur.

By October 2, 2006

Sudan (MNN)–The mandate keeping Sudan’s Peacekeeping troops in place has been extended to December 31.

The European Union is the African Union’s top supporter, giving nearly $38 million for peace operations. Their force is meant to prevent jeopardizing humanitarian work in Darfur, where more than 200,000 people have been killed and 2.5 million displaced in three years of fighting.

The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee’s Jacob Kramer says it’s good news for their partners. “Some of the agencies have lost vehicles through theft and we need a replenishment of vehicles.”

So far, forty aid worker vehicles have been stolen. Additional vehicles have been incapacitated to prevent additional theft.

The convoy is made up of 28 vehicles, including 2 purchased by CRWRC. They left September 24, embarking on a journey that takes two weeks on treacherous roads.
It’s difficult enough when it’s just the condition of the roads–but when you add in rebel terrorism…”That’s why we have been asking around in our churches for prayer that the Lord will protect a column of about 30 vehicles who are on their way from Khartoum to El Geneina.”

CRWRC is working in Darfur to care for 90,000 refugees. The program is providing food, vegetable seed, animals, latrines, wells, fuel-efficient stoves, tree seedlings, and health-related services to people in the El Geneina area of Darfur.

This work is being done in collaboration with World Relief, World Concern, Food for the Hungry International, MAP International, and NorthWest Medical Teams International.

Kramer says their team shares their faith with the local Darfurian staff. As a result, “We know of Bible studies which have popped up and other devotional meetings. That is a presence ministry.”

Not overtly evangelistic, their faith in Christ penetrates everything they do. He explains it like this. “As you are there, you bring God’s grace in our work to the people. They see, they get interested.”

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