Christian builders in U-S, build for ministry abroad

By June 18, 2004

USA (MNN) — Construction workers are using their skills to have an impact on outreach overseas. It’s a program called, “House for HOPE” and it’s the brain child of the founder of HOPE International , Jeff Rutt.

HOPE International’s Joel Anderson says, “Basically a builder builds a house, HOPE works with them and invites their subcontractors and suppliers to donate labor and materials to build the house. And then, when the builder sells, the profits then are donated to HOPE International which fuels the growth of our ministries overseas.”

HOPE International provides micro loans to people in Afghanistan, Ukraine and other countries. The goal is to help these families economically, with the end purpose of leading them to Christ.

“Houses for HOPE” have been built in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Florida, Illinois and Oklahoma.

Anderson says HOPE International wants to do more. “We’re looking for Christian builders who want to make a difference. As we talk with builders we show that the leverage that they can have in building just one house can literally help thousands of people,” says Anderson.

But, that help isn’t just physical help. Anderson says loan counselors use this as an evangelistic tool. He says, “As a candidate comes in for a loan, and they’re interviewed, and over the coming days, and weeks and months as that loan counselor is seeing that business flourish, a relationship is established. And, through that relationship is where they are able to share Christ.”

You can get more information about, “The House for HOPE” program go to their web site at or call 1-877-982-HOPE.

HOPE International also is establishing children’s Bible clubs called, “Tomorrow Clubs”

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