Christian children held hostage in Russia, ministry abounds

By September 3, 2004

Russia (MNN) — Christians are on the ground in Beslan, Russia consoling families involved in the hostage situation. Sergey Rakhuba is with Russian Ministries which has outreach in this region bordering Chechnya.

Rakhuba’s been talking with Petr Lumichkin, a pastor who’s ministering to the families. “Petr says that all Christians (came) to that area to encourage those ones who need encouragement. They’re providing comfort and talking to people.”

Sergey and Taymuraz Totiev are brothers who are leading Russian Ministries program in Beslan. Their eight children and 50 other children who were part of the local church were taken hostage together. Rakhuba says while the Totiev’s are extremely emotional, God is using them. “The Totiev family, they have all their children, seven to 14 years old, they’re all in that school. And, Sergey himself, very much devastated of course, he says ‘I don’t know why God allowed it to happen’, but then he’s talking to people that are around him, like him, fathers and mothers. He is sharing his faith.”

Rakhuba says many of the families involved have many questions. “Some people blame even God, saying ‘why couldn’t God protect the little ones?’ This is an opportunity to tell them about God and the hope in Him and to communicate the Gospel to them.”

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