Christian education in Romania may be the norm in public schools

By May 25, 2004

Romania (MNN) — A meeting with education leaders in Romania may allow Christian education to be a part of the country’s curriculum.

Dan Egeler with the Association of Christian Schools International says they met with government leaders to talk about education. Egeler says, “We went to meet with a member of their parliament because there is a law that’s being debated right now that could have a detrimental affect on the future of Christian schooling in Romania.”

That discussion lead to a lunch meeting with a university professor. “The professor was in charge of a new protocol called, quality assurance. (That’s) the American equivalent of accreditation. He asked for a copy of our manual and when we got done he said he wanted to weave it into the Romanian document,” Egeler says. Not only that, he wants to pilot the program with ACSI’s top three Christian schools.

Does that mean Christian education is safe in Romania? “I wouldn’t say 100-percent that Christian schooling is safe in Romania, but I do think we’re clearly headed in the right direction,” says Egeler. He says people need to pray that this will give them a chance to have input as parliament talks about the future of education.

Egeler says there’s an ultimate purpose to all of this. “The next generation coming up is seeking, they are seekers. They understand that the old ways do not work. And, they’re looking for the truth. They’re looking for answers and so if we can help shape hearts and minds with the truth of the Gospel message, now is the time.”

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