Christian groups help Katrina responders in the millions

By December 21, 2005

USA (MNN) — Christmas is just days away. This year in the Gulf Coast of the United States hundreds of thousands of Americans will be on the receiving end of charitable giving. A nation that typically gives to suffering people in other nations, this year Americans are those suffering people thanks to Hurricane Katrina.

Operation Blessing International has been an integral part of the relief effort. In efforts to bring emergency relief and recovery to as many hurricane victims as quickly as possible, Operation Blessing has awarded cash grants to partnering organizations and churches who are actively involved in disaster relief.

To date, Operation Blessing has awarded 224 grants to faith-based organizations, totaling more than $3.5 million. These funds are being utilized as hundreds of volunteers work around-the-clock to supply more than 400,000 victims with shelter, food, clothes, bedding and other essential items. Relief crews are also helping with debris removal and roof repair.

The money isn’t just helping physically, they’re able to share their faith as they help.

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