Christian ministry fights in India’s Supreme Court for survival

By July 11, 2006

India (MNN) — Christians in Rajasthan, India are asking believers worldwide to pray for Hopegivers International. They’ll be at the countries Supreme Court Wednesday.

Chief Operating Officer with Hopegivers Michael Glenn. “We’re appealing to the Supreme Court. The major issues that we’re dealing with would be the bail for Bishop MA Thomas, his son, President of Hopegivers, Doctor Samuel Thomas and the other core issues such as the freezing of our bank account and the operating licenses for the hospital, the schools, the orphanages.”

The High Court gave temporary relief, but this could make their decision permanent. Glenn tells us how believers can pray. “We pray for favor. That the eyes are opened to see the truth and get clarity on what has been going on — the injustice against us. We know we’re persecuted for a reason and I believe that God is taking us through this to strengthen us and prepare us for a new work.”

Glenn says many people have come to Christ in the region. He says the impact the ministry is having throughout India could be the reason for these increasing number of attacks. “There’s fear on the part of Satan and all that he does and he sees there has been a transformation in the areas where we’ve had this ministry. It goes beyond politics.”

Others outside the organization are asking people to pray especially for girls in Hopegivers’ Emmanuel Orphanage. According to an influential Christian attorney, Braham Dutt, some of the girls in the orphanage have been physically and mentally abused by Hindu radicals. Dutt suggests the girls are also being threatened with further abuse if they report the incidents to authorities.

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