Christian program aimed at slave girls is changing Ghana

By February 16, 2004

GHANA-Fetish slavery has continued in parts of Ghana, West Africa for some time. A group from International Needs Network recently took a professional video crew to Ghana to film the plight of these women. They hope to bring their story to other Christian groups to let them know that there is hope for these girls and communities can be changed.
IN-Network’s Rody Rodeheaver says there is currently a program in place where these young girls have the opportunity to be educated in training schools. Biblical material is used to teach the girls to read and write. They are also given skills training, health care, emotional counseling and their children are cared for an educated. 95% of these women become Christians and in turn have a positive effect in their communities.
Many of the villages now have schools and churches and lives are being changed. So far some 35-hundred slave girls have been released but there are still about 17-hundred still in bondage.
IN-Network says that with adaquate funding more of these women can be released and trained and villages and communities can be changed for the better. They are hoping that in time this practice will stop and young girls will not be taken away from their families. Several of the women who have been released will be making a trip to the mid-west area of the United States to tell their story and let others know that lives are being changed through the ministry of INN.

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