Christian radio in Romania is at risk, funding needed

By July 7, 2004

Romania (MNN) — A ministry reaching the hearts of people in Romania and Moldova is in jeopardy. The only thing that can help is much prayer, and a lot of funding.

Little Samaritan Mission is facing the biggest challenge in their 14 year history. Little Samaritan’s Florin Pindicblaj says donations are down 70-percent. Pindicblaj says he hates the thought of shutting down stations. “It’s very hard to cut off a radio station when we’ve fought so hard. There is not (any) Christian broadcasting in all of Europe like God granted (to) Little Samaritan Mission — 15 in Romania existing now, 13 in Moldova. It’s the only Christian broadcasting in Moldova. It’s like you cut off the light for (an) entire city,” says Pindicblaj.

It only costs $700 per day to keep the entire network on the air for a full day, $350 for Romania and $350 for Moldova.

But, there’s another issue that’s a blessing and a problem. The Romanian government has granted them six new licenses. Pindicblaj says all of this is very puzzling to him. He says, “I do not understand why God granted us six more radio stations. (Perhaps) He will do a miracle (at) the last minute.”

$25,000 is all that’s needed to get these stations on the air. Pindicblaj can’t understand why Christians in the west won’t get involved. He says he’s being forced to do things he hasn’t done before to help. “I never thought in 14 years I’d reach those days when I will ask for funds. Until now, I would share what God is doing and people responded. But, now, we need the money.”

To get involved, call Little Samaritan Mission at (828) 396-2220, or go to their web site at Your gift of any amount can help keep Christian programming on the air and reach even more people with the Gospel. Pindicblaj says many are responding to Gospel.

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