Christian radio listeners in Romania and Moldova support their local radio stations

By November 25, 2005

Romania/Moldova (MNN) — Christian radio in Romania and Moldova hasn’t been easy for Little Samaritan Mission . Financially Little Samaritan has had trouble making ends meet month after month. But, now Christians in these countries are beginning to help their local radio stations stay on the air.

Little Samaritan’s founder Florin Pindicblaj says, “For 11 years I prayed that one day the people in Moldova and the people in Romania, the listeners, would help to support our radio stations. We launched the sharathon. This was the first time in the history of the country and the response was overwhelming.”

Pindicblaj says listeners is these two poor nations raise about $17,000 (USD) in three evenings. He says people so sacrificially, donating money they had planned to use to heat their homes. He says one orphanage gave from their heart. “The director called and said, ‘we’ll give you a small amount,’ but the children said, ‘why so small?’ The children decided that, ‘we are not going to eat meat until the first of January, save the money and send it to the mission.”

Now they have enough money to cover costs through the end of December. Pindicblaj says, “Whatever we raise now in the United States until the first of January we’ll be able to invest for three more radio stations. We have three more licenses available.”

85-percent of the money has already be sent in. Findicblay says this will enable Romanian and Moldovans to hear the Gospel throughout Europe. “Grace, Italy, Spain, Sweden, they have a chance 24 hours a day, through satellite, to hear the Gospel in their home.”

Pindicblaj is asking you to consider giving to help put these stations on the air at a cost of about $20,000 (USD) each.

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