Christian radio may play role is easing pain in Iran

By January 6, 2004

Iran (MNN) — The death toll will continue to rise in the aftermath of the 6.5 earthquake. More than 35,000 people perished in the devastation. Many believe the toll could rise to 50,000. Many people lack hope, in the wake of the disaster.

The Vice-President for Broadcasting of Words of Hope, Lee DeYoung, says radio may play an important role in bringing hope to a desperate nation. DeYoung says, “Words of Hope has been broadcasting into Iran for several years, now in Farsi. And, we know there has been some considerable impact of the broadcast inside Iran.” He says, “The recent tragic earthquake in Bam has exacted a terrible toll. We know of a number of Christians in that area who perished,” says DeYoung. He says, “We and our partners are committed to trying to help to Christians in Iran, but also to see this as a potential opportunity for aiding people who are not necessarily Christians.”

DeYoung says Bam is a fairly remote location and the presence of an evangelical church has been absent for a very long time. He says, “It’s an area that’s been far removed from any Christian activity, and yet we know there are some believers there and we want to do what we can to try to help all the Iranian people to deal with the immediate needs caused by the terrible tragedy, but also to consider the spiritual implications and to look for the real hope that can be found in Jesus Christ”

It’s unclear what this will mean for a Christian witness in that part of the world is unclear, but Words of Hope is doing all it can on the radio to be a Christian voice to point people to Christ. Pray for the broadcast, but pray also for Christians. Pray that they’ll have wisdom as they attempt to share their faith in the face of adversity.

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