Christian Radio offers a ray of hope in Sudan.

By September 21, 2005

Sudan (MNN)–The peace of Sudan is off the front page these days.

Brad Phillips of the Persecution Project Foundation says Radio Peace is a unique project in Sudan. More than that, it will continue to share the peace of Christ, regardless of the political turmoil in the country.

“Whether peace comes,” he explains, “or whether the peace agreement doesn’t hold, we see Radio Peace as an opportunity to help plant the Gospel in the war-torn nation of Sudan. Right now, we’re really thankful that we were able to recently able to upgrade our equipment.”

Phillips explains that there is a hunger to keep the radio project alive. “We’re broadcasting the Gospel now in seven languages. In Arabic, in Djuba Arabic, in Dinka, in Bari, in Zande, in Nuer, in English and it’s reaching the geography of Sudan through these two transmitters.”

But it comes at a price–$34 per hour of programming. One tranmitter is pointed toward southern Sudan as well as central Sudan. The shortwave tranmitter is pointed toward central and northern Sudan.

Persecution Project has been working in Sudan since 1998 and has been involved in relief, discipleship and advocacy work. Through it, they encourage believers in their faith and in evangelism, in the midst of persecution.

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