Christian relief groups prepare supplies in the the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

By August 30, 2005

USA (MNN)–International Aid is ready to ship relief supplies to what may be the most devastating hurricane to hit New Orleans in a generation.

I-A’s Myles Fish says the temporary shelters are set up to help thousands for a short period, but with a storm like Katrina, the survivors be stuck there for an extended period of time. “So, we will be providing what we call ‘disaster relief kits,’ things for personal hygiene, first aid supplies, some medical supplies. But then, we’ll also be involved later on, in the progress of the tragedy and helping to do clean up with volunteer support.”

They have 23 pallets of tarping material, needed for temporary home roof repair, ready to ship, and volunteers are assembling up to 23,000 disaster hygiene kits.
Additional supplies could be released or procured once the extent of the damage and more specific needs are determined.

Volunteers will be preparing relief supplies to ship as early as Tuesday morning to assist Gulf Coast residents in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

As for sharing the hope of Christ in crisis, Fish says that’s why they choose to work with local Christian partners. International Aid is in contact with its church and relief organization partners in Louisiana and Alabama. “Our strategy is that we will contribute our supplies and our efforts as a means for that local church to reach out and touch its own local community. So, we’ll be working in partnership with local churches in the affected area so that they can have ministry resources to provide to the people of their communities.”

If you want to help, go to International Aid’s website by clicking on the highlighted link above.

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