Christian relief teams begin a caravan on foot in the Kashmiri quake zone.

By October 19, 2005

Pakistan (MNN)–Quake relief in the Kashmir region is accelerating, but major problems remain in the delivery. The United Nations believes more than 120,000 people are desperate for shelter and up to four million people could be left homeless.

The scene from Mansehra to Balakot is dismal. Regional health facilities are gone. Many straw and mud brick homes on the mountainsides have been completely washed away.

Water and sanitation systems are still down, and the water in the rivers is undrinkable. With rains due and snow just a few weeks away, people need blankets and food.

And aid comes. However, emergency supplies cannot be driven through due to the damage on the roads.

As a result, World Vision teams have begun a caravan on foot, walking in the relief to Pakistan’s rural areas.

World Vision Pakistan teams report that dozens are still being rescued days after the quake. Shock is now settling in, leaving the villagers wondering ‘why?’

In this instance, the teams believe that acting as the hands and feet of Christ speaks loudly of their faith. Many times, those who rescue are in a position to speak more to those they help about the ‘why’ of their work.

Sharing the hope and peace of Christ are seeds planted that can be watered by others who come in their wake. Continue to pray that the work of believers is fruitful.

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